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Perhaps now more than ever before, job stress poses a threat to the health of workers and, in turn, to the health of organizations. Balancing obligations to your employer and your family can be challenging. What's your stress level today?
Protect your mental and physical health by engaging in activities that help you manage your stress at work and at home. Read More at the Stress Center >>>
Prostate Cancer: How Does Your State Rate?

WASHINGTON, D.C.-Five states failed the first-ever prostate cancer state-by-state report card issued by the National Prostate Cancer Coalition (NPCC).

"Many states are not doing even the simplest things when it comes to fighting prostate cancer," NPCC CEO Richard N. Atkins, M.D. said. "Early detection saves lives and far too many states don't encourage men to know th risks and to get tested."

The report cards are a result of a study by NPCC where each state is graded based on current prostate cancer screening rates, mortality rates and if each state currently has laws in place guaranteeing insurance coverage for testing. Screening and mortality rates are calculated from raw data made available by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Find out how your state scored >>>

Make The Most of Your Next Doctor Visit
Take five minutes, right now to jot down everything you'd like to ask your physician - and what he or she needs to know:
  • Any Changes in Sex Life, Mood, Appetite, or Physical Body since last visit
  • List Every Medication You're Taking, Including non-prescription medications, vitamins, allergy pills and herbal supplements
  • Jot down any follow up results on treatment or medications prescribed at your last visit
  • A list of any medical terms you want explained

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